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Evolve Homewood

Dream Journal

Dream Journal

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Enter the land of dreams where the ephemeral is bright, and the secrets of your soul are welcomed to life. A whispered wonder invites you to rest your head and heart and drift beyond time and space to where your true self awaits. Your dreams are windows into worlds that are entirely your own, where no desire is unsung, no quest is untaken, and imagination knows no bounds. Explore the vivid and profound insight of your dreams, come to know yourself and be freed. The sublime majesty of Jake Baddeley's imagery combines with reflections on the power of dreams to guide your journey through the symbolic landscape of the unconscious mind. With quality paper, lined and unlined pages, 44 full-colour artworks, this deluxe journal is designed to catalyse reflection into awareness, understanding and creativity. Engage with your dreams and awaken into a fuller expression of your inspired self. 



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