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Evolve Homewood

Blue, Gray, Cream, choose Gold or Not, Marbled Pillar Candle, Hand Painted with adhesive mediums 8,6 or 3 inch pillar candle marbled

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  • Handmade
  • Materials: Wax type: Paraffin
  •   Blue, gray, cream, gold or not, marbled pillar candles. I hand marble paint on the surface with quality paint and an adhesion medium.

    Add a note where prompted during checkout if you wish different colors, and also if you would like one or more colors to be more dramatic.

    Processing time painted candles is 1-5 days: inventory quantity listed may not be accurate.

    The painting does not affect the burning.

    I use special mediums so the paint adheres well and it has a soft sheen just like the candle! I do not use scented candles due to the oils possibly affecting the adhesion.

    You may like to look for a nice candle tray or cup in my new hand made Pottery Shop at

    SHIPPING: It is free (built-in). If you order more than one, I may send a combined shipping allowance refund, depending on your location and shipping method.

    Brought to you by Teresa Moran.



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